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GreenCardHero helps you:

Complete All Forms Exactly

Simple, step-by-step questionnaire with detailed help along the way

Instantly review completed forms and make changes if needed. Download them at anytime.

For applicants inside the U.S, we also help you apply for the work and travel permit EAD card

Real-time error alerts help you avoid omissions and mistakes

Robust eligibility checker helps you minimize rejection risk. It watches for potential red flags and suggests consulting a lawyer in such cases.

We make sure your forms are always up-to-date with the latest USCIS version

Live Customer Support

Friendly, knowledgeable customer support at your fingertips

Collect All Documents Accurately

Comprehensive document checklist ensures you have all your documents

Accurate and reliable with each requirement’s official government sources clearly cited

Detailed explanation for challenging documents and how to collect them correctly

Instructions for document translation and access to a translation template

Submit Your Application Correctly

Submit your application well-organized with customized cover letters. Minimize the chance of USCIS mistakes.

Pre-submission final checklist helps you make sure nothing is left out

Customized application timeline keeps you on top of important post-submission steps until you successfully receive your green card

Live Customer Support

Friendly, knowledgeable customer support at your fingertips

I would love to recommend to anyone out there who wants to file for green card application, this is the software to go. It saves time and I really like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! GreenCardHero is free to download and start, and you can use most parts of the software for free, including the personalized questionnaire and many parts of the interactive document checklist. We only charge when you decide to download the filled out application forms and cover letters.

Yes, it does! Here is the entire process in a nutshell:

Our software will begin with a set of eligibility questions to set up for your case. Then it will present an overview of your application process. Then it will walk you through the forms, the documents, how to submit, and finally the next steps after submission. The next steps will include a personalized post-filing timeline, case tracking instructions, green card interview tips, and things to do after receiving your green card.

If multiple separate submissions are required for your case, the software will walk you through each submission and what to do between submissions.

You can download as many times as you need, and if you change your information later, the forms on your download page will update automatically.

Yes, you can! Just install GreenCardHero on the new computer, and your original software license will continue to work. We also make it easy to transfer your data to the new computer.

Consider combining GreenCardHero with a final lawyer review.

A lawyer review is not required by USCIS, and is therefore not included in GreenCardHero. But some applicants may find it reassuring to have a lawyer double check everything before submission. If that describes you, getting a review is fast and easy: After completing your application using GreenCardHero, take it to an immigration lawyer and ask for an "application review". Many lawyers provide remote services if you do not want to visit their office.

Typically, a lawyer will only charge around $500 for a thorough 2 - 2.5-hour review (1 hour for the lawyer to review the forms and documents on his/her own, and another 1 to 1.5 hours to meet with the applicant and sponsor remotely or in person). In contrast, hiring a lawyer to do the whole application can cost $4,000 and two months.

One thing to be aware of: Some online services offer "application reviews", but the people doing the reviews are not licensed lawyers. The qualities of such reviews are not trust-worthy and it is even questionable whether they are legal.

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